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Our Yoga & Meditation Retreats

Our retreat centre in the Spanish Pyrenees is located in Arrieta, a small mountain village where time seems to standstill. The tranquillity of the setting makes it ideal for meditation, relaxation, and reconnection with our essence, which is often lost in the stress of the city. Join us on a retreat and discover or deepen your yoga practice.

Our yoga and meditation retreats take place in a 13th-century mansion. Fully renovated a decade ago, the update is still in keeping with its original aesthetic, one that has been passed down for generations. Enjoy the Spanish sun and the healthy air of the mountains.

Relax, hike, and meditate on the lakefront of the Irati Forest, the second-largest forest in Europe. Visit the historic Collegiate of Roncesvalles, a medieval Basque landmark loaded with mysticism and energy. It is also the birthplace of the ancient Kingdom of Navarre and a stop on the medieval Saint Jaques Way!