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The Pyrenees Yoga and Meditation Retreat Centre offers all-inclusive yoga and meditation retreats in an 13th century palace in the Spanish Pyrenees. The retreat centre is in Arrieta, a nice little mountain village where time seems to stop. The tranquillity of the setting makes it ideal for meditation, relaxation, and reconnection with your essence, often lost in the stress of the city.

The Pyrenees Yoga Retreat Centre has been welcoming its guests for more than 10 years with a cleansing diet combined with three core activities: yoga, hiking, and meditation. Each day’s activities are conceived so that they flow into and enhance the next, creating a powerful and relaxing experience.

Our retreats cleanse and renew your body, mind, and spirit. You emerge from your stay stronger, healthier, and revitalised, feeling inspired and grounded.

We are delighted to share the blessings of our ecological garden to nourish your soul and body. All our rooms are exterior and have exceptional mountain views of Navarra’s finest mountains. We practice kirtan or meditative chanting that helps you find great harmony in every aspect of life.