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Autumn Retreats

Autumn is the season where nature transforms. On our yoga and meditation retreats, we can see these changes firsthand. During this beautiful season, we see how the forest transforms with reddish and ochre colors. This is your chance to experience the visual delights of autumn in the Pyrenees Mountains. Visiting the orchards, we see a completely new harvest. On your retreat, the food is both seasonal and organic.

It is through the changing seasons that you stay grounded. Just as trees lose their leaves and provide nutrients to the entire forest, it is also a time for us to eliminate what we do not need and further enrich our lives and the lives of others.

We firmly believe that taking care of ourselves is taking care of others. Take advantage of the autumn season and invest in yourself with a yoga and meditation retreat. If you are not strong, it is harder to fulfill your dreams. Do not miss our unique autumn retreats. There are only nine seats in total, and we almost always sell out!