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Summer Retreats

Do you like air conditioning? Not us. In the Pyrenees, you don’t need it or miss it. Practicing yoga in the thick of the woods is a unique experience.

Our 13th-century palace house has very thick stone walls, which guarantees us constant temperatures throughout the year — especially during the summer. During our excursion, we visit the Irati Forest. As the second-largest forest in Europe, you can feel nature with all its strength in this spectacular enclave. No matter how intense the sunlight is, the forest’s dense shadows keep us cool. Immerse yourself in this unique ecosystem of moss, ferns, and beech.

The Pyrenees is the perfect environment to experience a summer yoga and meditation retreat. At the Pyrenees Yoga and Meditation Retreats Center, we believe we must all stop our busy lives to rebalance.

Imagine leaving the heat behind and enjoying life through yoga and meditation in the midst of our majestic mountains! Do not miss the magic of the mountains; space is limited!