Ecological Garden

Many people are willing to nurture and feed on organic products but there are also many myths and misunderstandings. Therefore we invite you to our garden to also be yours.


Behind our project there is much more than culture it is a philosophy of life, a way of living the earth, a way and to understand our relationship with nature blessings. With this space we want to do our part to protect the planet and you can put yours.


A garden can be understood as an ecosystem where there are many different plants growing at their own pace, with different color, shape, needs according to each season, but each and every one of them play a unique and necessary function. In the same way we believe that you, our guests are fulfilling a vital role. Therefore thank you in advance for your visit. You help us improve and do it better every day. Whether as a gardener or sitting down to eat, you are always welcome and your presence blesses us.


We want to nourish you with many things including organic products and knowledge. If you want will assist you in the development of your own organic garden. Moreover we want to share with you, our commitment to a more conscious eating.

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