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Spring Retreats

Historically, spring is the time of renewal. Since the beginning, it has been expressed in rituals and in various folk expressions.

On our spring yoga and meditation retreats, we witness how nature comes back to life, giving us colorful landscapes. Our energy rises, and we get the desire to be outside. At the Centro de Retiros de Yoga Pirineos, we facilitate this process during all our yoga and meditation retreats.

According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, spring is the season when we evolve through the dense and watery moisture of Kapha (earth and water pairing) towards the vibrant Pitta (fire and water pairing). This is also the season when transformation and growth naturally occur. We love the spring since it helps us order and detoxify, creating space for all the blessings of the new that is to come.

During our springtime yoga and meditation retreats, our being is intuitively in tune with nature and lush growth. This is the time to channel your newfound energy and make your dreams come true.

Do not miss these unique retreats. There are only nine seats, and we almost always sell out!