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Yoga & Meditation Retreats March & April


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Celebrate the Practice of Yoga on Our March Retreat

The March retreat is celebrated in Arrieta in the Navarrese Pyrenees. We want to open our doors and share the ancient practice of yoga. During these days, we practice asanas (yoga postures), meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), relaxation, and above all, we have a good time.

This retreat is celebrated in Marterena, a house-palace of the 13th-century that has been completely renovated but has not lost its essence and its glory of times gone by.

We do excursions and yogic activities in the surroundings of the Irati Forest; its magnificent expansion of beech makes it an unbeatable place for a retreat in March.

The groups have only nine people, so all activities are adapted to all levels of practice. In addition, our classes of asanas (yoga postures) and meditation are personalized; they always offer variations for different levels of practice and particular limitations.

The March Retreat Includes:

  • Two nights accommodation in a completely renovated palace house of the 13th century
  • Vegetarian, ecological, and Ayurvedic lunch and dinner from our orchard or friendly orchards
  • Yoga sessions, meditation, and guided pranayama on waking to activate
  • Yoga sessions, meditation, and guided pranayama at sunset to deactivate and sleep better
  • Guided walks in the forest with ancient yogic exercises typical of the forest
  • Tea and fruit always available

Orientation Agenda:

Being very small groups of only nine people, the practices can be customized, and therefore what is presented here may vary.