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Winter Retreats

Winter is a special season in the Pyrenees Mountains. The cold allows our circulation to decrease. It can even cause muscle and joint constriction, inviting us not to move and curl up on the couch. But it is precisely the best time to take control of your life, decide your path, and not let yourself be overcome by laziness.

At Pyrenees Yoga and Meditation Retreat Centre, we have developed a practice that taps into your internal heat, thereby enriching your health and keeping you warm and expanded. We enjoy meditating in front of the fireplace. These are unique moments of contact with oneself that lead to mental clarity, health, and well-being.

As your diet adapts to the seasons, we teach you how to adapt your yoga practice during the winter months. On our winter yoga and meditation retreats, we match particular asanas (or yoga position) to the beauty that surrounds us and apply pranayama (breathing) tools that allow you to increase your internal heat. Having knowledge of these exercises will accompany you throughout your life.

During the winter, the energy of the Earth and all its creatures is directed inwards, into each being. This energy facilitates internal restoration and introspection; it is the natural energy of hibernation, which, conducted in yoga and meditation retreats, allows us to rest, relax, and fills us with peace.

Do not miss this unique experience. There are only nine seats, and they fill up very quickly!