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Yoga & Meditation Retreats in January & February


Person in Single Room
Person in Female Double Room

Experience the Tranquility of Yoga in February

This retreat takes place in the Navarro Pyrenees, in the beautiful little mountain town of Arrieta, where time seems to stop. The tranquility of the environment makes it an ideal place for meditation, relaxation, and reconnection with our essence, often lost in the stress of the city. During these three days, we practice yoga and meditation so you can discover these practices or deepen them, but above all, we have fun.

This retreat takes place in a 13th-century house-palace completely renovated a decade ago, where the traditional plan and furniture have been respected to maintain the historical legacy of the house, transmitted through generations.

We walk and meditate through the environments of the second-largest beech forest in Europe, a spectacular magical place in February.

The groups are small, which allows us to adapt to all levels of practice. Yoga and meditation classes are progressive, and they always offer variations for different levels of practice and particular limitations.

The February Retreat Includes:

  • Double room for shared or single use in a completely renovated palace house from the 13th century
  • Vegetarian, ecological, and Ayurvedic food from our orchard or friendly orchards
  • Yoga, pranayama, and guided meditation sessions at dawn to activate us
  • Yoga, pranayama, and sunset guided meditation sessions to relax and sleep better
  • Guided nature walks
  • Practice of millenary techniques of relaxation and awareness in nature
  • You always have tea and fruit within reach.

Orientation Agenda:

Because of our small groups of only nine people, the practices can be customized, and therefore what is presented here may vary.