The retreat will be held from 12 to 15 August center in a XIV century palace in the Spanish Pyrenees. The retreat centre is in Arrieta, a nice little mountain village where time seems to stop. The tranquillity of the setting makes it ideal for meditation, relaxation and reconnection with our essence often lost in the stress of the city. At this time we will practice 4 styles of yoga for you to discover or deepen about them:
- Ashtanga Yoga
- Sivananda
- Hatha Yoga
- Raja Yoga

 Yoga        Retreat

More than 10 years of experience in the world of yoga. Enjoy our yoga retreats . Nourish your body and soul.


Meditation Retreat

Discover all your inner potential. Whether you're an experienced meditator or beginner, our retreats suit you needs.

Room  Type

All our rooms are exterior and have exceptional mountain views of Navarra´s finest mountains.


Ecological Garden

You are what you eat and for us, it is a pleasure to share the ecological garden blessings to nourish you soul and body.

Mantras Chanting

Kirtan or meditative chanting is an outstanding technic that brings great harmony to every aspect of life. 


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